Our mission is to ensure that all creditworthy small-and-medium enterprises and individuals have access to capital
and protection through simple and affordable solutions.


To be the first choice financial services company for small and medium enterprises in Malaysia. 


  1. Do the right thing
    We hold ourselves to high ethical standards in order to build our company to be a force for good within our communities.
    We deeply value honesty, welcome constructive disagreement, and insist on personal accountability.
  2. Operate with a growth mindset
    We strive to develop our talents and abilities continuously through active learning and taking on increasing responsibilities, in order to achieve greater success for ourselves and our company in the long run.
    We do not allow existing limitations to confine our creativity and aspirations.
  3. Drive results
    We set ambitious objectives for our business drivers and evaluate our performance honestly and regularly.
    We commit to continuous improvements in our products and services in order to find new ways to serve our clients and stakeholders through business cycles.
  4. Build and maintain trust
    We understand that trust is difficult to gain, but easily lost.
    We strive for positive-sum outcomes in all our dealings over time.
  5. Think and act like owners
    We take personal ownership of our mission.
    We have a responsibility to ourselves and our stakeholders to be a profitable and enduring company through high-quality decision-making, balanced risk-taking, and financial prudence.


Mr. Ab. Razak bin Khalil

Chief Executive Officer 


Alice Tan Kam Mei

Head of Finance
& Admin


Wong Sew Bee, Sally

Head of Operations

Nor Ashikin Murad

Head of Business Development 

Aminbasha Basharudin

Head of Credit Risk Management