I Performance Guarantee

  • A Performance Guarantee or Performance Bond is only for new contract.
  • Margin of finance up to 80% of guaranteed amount.
  • Facility need to be tied up with factoring.

I Letter of Credit

  • To assist in purchasing finished or
    semi finished goods.
  • Applicable to local suppliers only.
  • Margin of finance – up to 80% of cost of goods

I Receivables Management Services

  • We manage your receivables and take over your responsibility of collecting your receivables and keeping track of it in systematic receivable report.

I Domestic Factoring

  • An advance payment up to 80% against the receivable purchased. The balance is held in a contingency reserved and refunded after the receivables have been collected.

I Term Loan

  • Term loans are a simple way to secure funds for working capital, asset acquisition, or asset redemption for business needs or projects/contracts.

  • The facility is repayable in equal monthly writing paper instalments for a maximum of 5 years.

I Industrial Hire Purchase

  • We finance the acquisition of your capital assets. A financing margin of up to 90% of the asset’s cost.

  • Up to 48 months’ tenure


The letter of financial support is used to obtain audit evidence for events which may give rise to business risks such as a net liability or net current liability position. A Letter of Financial Support can show a lender that they will be guaranteed that the loan will be repaid.

It will take up to 2 to 3 weeks with complete documents.

  • The applicant’s clients do not have good commercial credit or those customers are not creditworthy
  • A factor will only advance money on invoices that are free of legal encumbrances, such as liens, back taxes, or judgements that are still pending.
  • The officers or managers of the applicant company may have a negative background.
  • The factoring company is not familiar or comfortable with the applicant’s industry.

Unfortunately, the adverse effect of having a bad credit score – between 300 to 650 (poor to low) according to CTOS – is extreme. Having a bad credit score could lead to your applications for loans or credit cards being rejected. 

The maximum funding are up to 80% against the receivables purchased. The balance is held in a contingency reserve and refunded after the receivables have been collected