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Performance Bank Guarantee

Performance Bank Guarantee: Performance Guarantee/ Performance Bond is issued in relation to the performance of the contractor against their obligations /works under the contract. The BG amount is normally about 2.5% or 5% of the contract value and valid until the completion of the contract/work or until the expiry of the defect liability / warranty period.


Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit: A Letter of Credit (LC) is a written undertaking given by a bank, on behalf of a buyer, to make a specified payment to a seller named in the LC. The bank will only make payment upon presentation of the stipulated documents, which complies with the terms and conditions of the LC. Its covers the buyer’s risk and guarantees payment to the seller.

Receivables Management Services

Receivables Management Services: Our Receivables Management Services will help you to manage your receivables. We will take over the hassle of collecting receivables and keep track of the receivables in a systematic way. Now you can finally focus on important matters and still be updated about the status of your receivables as we will send a comprehensive report of the status of the receivables to you!

Domestic Factoring

Domestic Factoring: Invoice Financing or Factoring is a financial solution that allows a small business company (e.g. Small and Medium Sized Enterprises or SME) to sell its receivables (in the form of invoices) to a factor (IFSM). The factor would not only purchase its client’s trade receivables but gain ownership of the debt as well, thus allowing the factor to collect payments from the client’s customers. Its benefit clients’ business by obtaining immediate cash advance, increasing sales and profit margins, improved cash flow, obtained additional working capital for business expansion, reduced cost of managing credit and collection and no collateral required.

Term Loan

Term Loan: Term Loans are a relatively simple way of securing funds for working capital or asset acquisition or redemption purposes that caters for business needs or project/contracts. 
The facility is repayable in equal monthly writing paper installments for a maximum of 5 years

Industrial Hire Purchase

Industrial Hire Purchase Facility: We provide financing for new and upgrading plant, equipment and machinery as part of expanding your business capacity up to 80% of the asset value, and for a tenure usually not exceeding 3 years.


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